Have a virtual drink with a far away friend!

What it is

You're hanging with an old friend over a video call
You're home, comfortably drinking a beer with pizza
Your friend is at their place, anywhere on earth, drinking wine with cheese
You're having a great time talking about the old days
After it ends, you're both much happier than you were before


It's cheap, all you spend on is drinks and snacks
No travel necessary, it's good for the environment and hassle free
It's time efficient, you only need a couple of hours for everything
You see your true friends more often and have more fun
You keep your friendships alive, no matter the distance

How it works

Chose a friend to invite
Put down your availability
Your friend picks the play date
We give tips for how to make it work
Video call and have a beer remotely

How do we help

Timezones converted automatically!
Scheduling is easy and effortless!
We'll put in your calendar
We'll send reminders
We'll send the video call link
Get started now - it's 100% free!

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